George Sweetin recently completed a landscaping project in my backyard. The design,
level of service, and quality are beyond my expectations. From the moment I asked
George to work up a plan to completion, George was available to answer questions and
addresss concerns with clarity and an eagerness to please. He presented a design plan
that was totally customized to my challenging yard because it is long and narrow and
edges on a wooded cliff setting.
George and I set up a mutually convenient appointment and discussed budget concerns
as well as my preference for simplicity and appropriateness for the setting. George
listened respectfully and offered his suggestions. Because he is so skilled in design and
has taken professional courses, I was open to his plan and color scheme. He installed a
paver patio that complements the gray of my home as well as built a stone retaining wall
on a terrace that was in disrepair. He was mindful of drainage issues as well as

George promised and deliveredlAfter samples were provided by George and barring
weather issues, his crew and he showed up when they said they would. He oversaw the
project daily and sent two of his highly skilled landscapers to do the installation. They
were neat, quiet, and very efficient. The project was completed in the most timely way
and throughout their working on my property, I never felt disrupted in any way.
I highly recommend George,and everyone to whom I show off my new and improved
yard are delighted. lt is peaceful, elegant, and so perfect!
Please do not hesitate to ask George for contact information , so I can show it off to you
as well.

Ann Small

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